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With the provided betbox alpha UI now only web via Metamask users can access smartcontracts to store, verify and fairly distribute assets at stake by placing individual or predefined bets and agree upon the outcome by private or public voting. Our aim is to build a global community challenging each other in a trusted and secure ecosystem. Betbox will gradually increase the variation of bets by deploying various smartcontracts with predefined cash-games or other specialties for entertainment.

"We work with an excellent app agency Apper to make sure we can provide a flawless UX to our customers." - betbox

The escrow of the assets at stake will be managed automatically by a trusted smartcontract whereas the election of the winning party is processed by an oracle. To call a bet in betbox a user needs to address a smartcontract predict the outcome. All ETH in the jackpot will be distributed to the winning party proportionally to the amount at stake of each user by the time of revealing.

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